Dr. Basile Panoutsopoulos





 Teaching Philosophy

 Research Plan








 Outreach: Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry) - Physics - Robotics)

 Physics I

 Physics II (Introduction to Electrical Engineering)
 Instrumentation Technology
 Electrotechny (Introduction to Electromechanical Systems)
 Introduction to Engineering and Technology

 Electric Circuits I  

 Electric Circuits II

 Analog Electronic Circuits I

 Analog Electronic Circuits II

 Signals and Systems

 Electromagnetic Fields I

 Electromagnetic Fields II

 Electric Machines and Transformers

 Mathematical Methods in Science, Engineering, and Technology

 Electronic Physics - Electronic Devices

 Electronic Telecommunication Circuits and Systems

 Radio Frequency and Microwave Networks

 Radio Frequency and Microwave Electronics

 Electromagnetic Compatibility - Electromagnetic Interference

 Telecommunication Systems

 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics

 Propagation of Radio Waves


 Computational Electromagnetics

 Capstone Senior Project I (Proposal)

 Capstone Senior Project II (Prototyping)


 Laboratory: Wireless Telecommunications - Electromagnetics and Applications





 Research and Publications

 Proposed Projects and Theses




Professional Links for Electrical and Electronic

Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, and Technicians:

 Electrical - Electronic Engineering

 Publishing Houses (Books - Magazines)

 Companies of Electronic Equipment

 Companies of Software

 Programming - Visual Basic


Paideia - Education:

 Post secondary educational schools


Hellenic Topics:

 Lily-Technology: Multimedia products for the Hellenic language and Culture.

 Greece - Greek language and culture

 For the proper use of the modern Greek Language

 Some thoughts for the Greek postsecondary education


Christian Topics:

 The sisterhood of Christian Orthodox Churches

 Orthodox Church in America