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ELE 594 Radio Frequency and Microwave Networks


University of Rhode Island
School of Engineering

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering
Course: ELE 594 Radio Frequency and Microwave Networks
Semester: Spring 2008


Lecture (Required): Monday, Wednesday 5:00-6:15, Room: Conference Room, Kelly 205

 (NOTE: Time will be finalized during the first meeting on Wednesday the 24th of January 2008)
Recitation (Optional): TBD, Room: Conference Room, Kelly 205 (Optional)
Laboratory (Required, Integrated into the Course): Electromagnetics and Applications, Room: TBD 


Instructor: Dr. B. Panoutsopoulos
Office: Kelly 105
Office Hours: Before and after class
Electronic mail: Basile@ele.uri.edu
Telephone: (401)874-2505  

Personal web site: At the course site. 


Catalog Course Description (Proposed):

Review of Electromagnetic theory. Propagation of Electromagnetic waves. The circuit elements at high frequencies. Transmission lines. Matching. Filters. Microwave components. Antennas.


Prerequisite: ELE 322 Electromagnetic Fields I



Learn the principles of analysis and synthesis of modern Radio Frequency and Microwave circuits.


Note to students with disabilities:  It is the policy to not discriminate against qualified students with documented disabilities.  If you have a disability-related need for modifications in this course, contact your instructor.

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