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Electromagnetics and Applications

Radio Frequency and Microwaves

Wireless Telecommunications


Dr. Basile Panoutsopoulos

Please inform us of any other related software package available.


Open source, free software:
4nec2 - 2D and 3D antenna geometry structures modeler.
7zip - zip, unzip.
audacity - Audio processing.
CapCad - Capacitor modeling software.
Dia - Draw structured diagrams (flow charting).
FireFox - web Browser. 
FreeMind - Brain storming.
Gantt project - A cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management.
gnuplot - Plotting. 
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview - an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation.
Kicad creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork.
Maxima - Computer Algebra System. 
Open Office - Office suite.
OpenProj - Project. 
Opera - web browser. 
Qucs - Electronic circuit simulator.
pdf Creator - Creates pdf files
QuickSmith - Smith Chart based linear circuit simulation program.
RFSim99 - RF simulation.
Scilab - Mathematics.
SciDAVis - Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization..
SMath - Mathematics notebook.
TinyCAD - Drawing of circuit diagrams (schematic drawings).
WinMerge - Differentiating and merging tool for files.
WorldPad - International world processor.
XLPlot - Create graphs.


Catalog (Other software):
Adobe - Acrobat Reader (Free)
AdLab/AdLabPlus - A knowledge-based system for electrical engineering.
Agilent - App Cad - RF design software (Free)
Ansoft - Designer SV
Ansoft - Ensemble SV
Ansoft - Harmonica SV
Ansoft - Maxwell SV
Ansoft - PExprt SV
Ansoft - Symphony SV
Applied Wave Research - TX-Line interactive transmission line calculator (Free)
AutoTRAX EDA/DEX schematic capture, spice simulation and PCB design
Beige Bag - Software
Cadence - ORCAD SV (Free)
DRDOS (Free)
EZBack-it-up (Free)
FEKO Evaluation (Free)
FilterPro MFB and Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter Design Program
HF Propagation Models from NTIAITS
HF Propagation Resource Manager Version 2.1
Intel - Visual FORTRAN for Windows
Lightwave Fundamentals Tour Demo Disk - Version 1
Litton - Microwave Tubes
McCAD 3SPICE - Electronic circuit simulation (Free)
Microsim - Filter Design (Free)
Microsim - PSpice DOS Evaluation Version 6.2 (Free)
Microsim - PSpice Evaluation Version (Free)
Nuhertz - Filters
Numerical Recipes in BASIC
Numerical Recipes in C
Numerical Recipes in FORTRAN
Programming languages for educational use (Free)
PCB123 - printed circuit board design (Free)
Puff 2.1 - Microwave circuit Simulation
Tera Analysis - QuickField SV (Free)
QuickWave 3D - Software for electromagnetic design
SPECTRUM Software - Microcap SV (Free)
Tavultesoft - Keyman desktop's virtual keyboard 









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