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ELE 594 Radio Frequency and Microwave Networks

Administrative matters

Purpose of the course:

The course has a multiple orientation shaping the sophistication on these topics  and helping the overall maturity.

 a) Point out the underlining mathematical principles of Radio Frequency and Microwave region physical principles of operation on electrical components and explorer  potential applications.

 b) Give experience in solving problems using specific mathematical methods.

 c) Emphasize the sequence: Underlining Physical Principle - Mathematical Model of a Real Situation Case - Mathematical Method - Simulation - Prototyping - Measurements - Experimental Verification.



The final grade (F.G.) is determined from the following:
 a) Two examinations (E1, E2) during the semester will be given , each one counting 15% of the final grade.
 b) Homework problems (HW) will be assigned for each topic, counting 10% of the final grade.
 c) A final examination (FE) will be given, counting 20% of the final grade.

 d) Attendance and Participation (AP), counting 5% of the final grade.

 e) Report on an application  (RP), counting 5% of the final grade.

The total number of points will result in the following letter grade:


 F.G. = E1 + E2 + E3 + E4  + HW + FE + AP + RP


 94-100 -> A

 91-93 -> A-

 87-90 -> B+

 84-86 -> B

 81-83 -> B-

 77-80 -> C+

 74-76 -> C

 71-73 -> C-

 67-70 -> D+

 61-66 -> D

 00-60 -> F



A typical homework will have multi-parts, multiple-choice, short answer questions, analysis, synthesis, study, etc. 

No late homework will be accepted.



A typical examination will have four parts for a time period of 50 minutes. No make up examination will be given.


Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity Policy: