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Administrative matters

Purpose of the course:

The course has a multi - orientation shaping the sophistication on these topics  and helping the overall maturity. This course presents the overall knowledge and capabilities of the student at the end of his studies.

 a) Point out the ability to formulate a problem.

 b) Points out the ability to formulate alternative solutions.

 c) Points out the ability to select a promising solution.

 d) Points out the ability to consider other non engineering factors in an engineering project.

 e) Introduces research on a engineering topic.

 f) Introduce proposal preparation.

 g) Introduce report preparation.

 h) Introduce feasibility study.

 i) Introduce simulation.

 j) Introduce physical laboratory prototyping.

 k) Describe mathematically the physical operation of the various electronic devices

 l) Point out the capabilities and limitation of the various electronic devices, circuits, and systems.

 m) Introduce data sheets of the various electronic devices.

 n) Introduce application notes for the various electronic devices.

 o) Use of physical operation and circuit properties of various electronic devices to implement problem solution.

 p) Emphasize the sequence: Underlining Physical Principle - Physical properties - Mathematical Model of a Real Situation Case - Mathematical Method - Real problem - Specification - Assumptions - Solution - Simulation - Implementation - Measurements - Optimization - Final product.



The final grade (F.G.) is determined from the following:
 a) Laboratory Notebook Inspection (LN1, ... LN10) during the semester , each one counting 3% of the final grade, for a total of 30 points.
 b) Proposal Preparation (PP1,... PP3) during the semester, each one counting counting 5% of the final grade, for a total of 15 points.
 c) Final Proposal (FP) at the end of the semester, counting 30% of the final grade.

 d) Presentation (P) at the end of the semester, counting 10% of the final grade.

 e) Attendance and Participation (AP), counting 15% of the final grade.


The total number of points will result in the following letter grade:

 F.G. = LN1 + ... + LN15 + PP1+ ... + PP3 + FP + P + AP


 96-100 -> A

 91-95 -> A-
 87-90 -> B+
 84-86 -> B

 81-83 -> B-
 77-80 -> C+
 74-76 -> C

 71-73 -> C-
 67-70 -> D+

 64-66 -> D

 61-63 -> D-
 00-60 -> F


Homework:  Late homework will not be accepted.


Examination:  No Examinations.


Attendance Policy:

 It expected that you will be present in every meeting. Unsuitable absences will result in reporting to the Early Academic Warning System and possible removable from the course.